Gbe Gbe Drum Rhythm


African Arts Academy Gbe Gbe drum rhythm class is perfect for those wanting to learn deeper in the African rhythms and drum technics.


Main Feature:

  • Hand placement
  • Technic of slap tones in base and highs to produce different sounds
  • technic of tithing your drum
  • Learn about different skins used on drums
  • Learn about different drums from different cultures
  • Learn about different dance styles names that goes with each rhythm

Who should take this class?

This class is for anyone who is interested in learning about rhythm and drumming. Anyone who would like to learn about African art and culture. Lesson goes from beginner to intermediate and advanced, depending on your previous experience.

Traditional rhythm of African culture


You must take beginner class if you’ve never played a drum before. Enroll in the class that you think is ok according to your experience.