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ModVation Talk

Modvation Diversity Ventures Panel Discussion About Art Innovation and Culture

ModVation Diversity Ventures is a Community Hub for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, game changers, investors, artists, local distinguished community leaders, media, press and students, focusing on the topic of diversity in the tech, art, and entertainment industry. It is a talk about the convergence of art, and technology. How they all work in symbiosis.

  • How Silicon Valley is helping the artists community and art organizations, is it prospering or floundering?
  • Understanding the world of an artist, how to invest in the art business and in artists for mutual benefit in a way never thought before.
  • Inspirations worth sharing from top VC’s entrepreneurs to empower others.
  • Creative ways other businesses and tech companies can collaborate with artists to benefit from each other to fit in the new global competitive market.
  • DiversityTalk: (What is the difference between Perspective and Perception, while recognizing one’s value, ways to promote peace and bring healing.

Although we are focus on the arts, we are also interested in companies with any type of services that would benefit the artists in many ways.

We are always on the look of bright minds to rock our world.

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