Fely Tchaco – Executive Director

Fely Tchaco is an award-winning musical artist, singer-songwriter, performer, a Billboard Nominee, visual artist, fashion designer, and an entrepreneur. African Arts Academy was founded by Fely Tchaco, a multi talented award winning recording artist, singer songwriter, performer, visual artist and a fashion designer.

Based on her own experience, the idea came to Fely Tchaco in 2000 when she realized how hard it was to communicate her artistry when trying to put a band together with the musicians she intended to work with, but had no idea about the kind of music she was referring to… It was very difficult to assemble musicians to create a dinamic, harmonious flow with her unique style of music that is not acustomed to many. No one could understand her language which resolted in many frustrations and loosing some musicians and band members with great potentials. Instead of being angry and judgemental about it, Fely simply felt that her art was not appreciated, because of the lack of understanding. This is where the idea of creating African Art Academy came.

It was her long time dream, to establish an educational program that will focus on arts and crafts originating in the African diaspora.