The Legend of Zaouli

A unique musical brought to you by African Arts Academy

A preview of the Legend of Zaouli was showcased on March 25th at the African American Art and Culture Complex, brought to you by Fely Tchaco, in collaboration with African Arts Academy, and sponsored by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

We are seeking for more funding to produce a full scale of the musical theatre and eventually go on tour in the United States and Abroad.

“The Legend of Zaouli” is an educational musical tour presented by African Arts Academy, produced by Fely Tchaco. Also pronounced as “TLOZ”  The Legend of Zaouli is a musical productions based on a true story. A tell passed down, from previous generations, retracing the life of a beautiful girl dancer who’s untimely death caused a bitter differences among the villagers, but her spirit later becomes the embodiment of a dance mask that inspired many, and brought about a peace truce in the entire village, where no one thought would be possible.

Both Children and Adults Alike, Love The Zaouli!