AFRICAN ARTS ACADEMY presents MODEFA SF 2024, June 15 2024 from 10:AM to 9:PM at the Lodge in the Regency Ballroom. San Francisco, CA USA

MODEFA (Modern Ethnic Fashion Week) is a benefit event that is produced every year on behalf of the African Arts Academy. The goal is to promote the academy’s educational and performing arts initiatives to provide San Francisco residents with an institution that specializes in the doctrines of arts and crafts originating in Africa and the African Diaspora, based on the spirit of cultural diversity, sustainability, and social justice.

San Francisco MODEFA is a global marketplace with a one-of-a-kind haute couture fashion display that draws designers, artists, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Offering an open booth, a runway fashion show gala, an art exhibit, and live music accompanied by awards giveaways. This event draws customers and exhibitors from all walks of life to celebrate ethnic cultural beauties. MODEFA, voted the best fashion show in San Francisco, focuses on ethnic excellence, modern ethnically influenced haute couture fashion that celebrates one’s cultural heritage with pride, as well as contemporary apparel and accessories featuring wearable technologies in the creative arts. The event combines live music, panel discussions, business networking and more.

This year’s MODEFA fashion theme is “Tourism” where the designers will take the audience to a destination of choice.


A special Juneteenth forum dedicated to black excellence titled: “Ordinary Woman, Doing Extraordinary Things Through Their Resilience”, will be presented. This year’s Juneteenth forum topic will put a spotlight on African American women, from selected top black female influencers, local leaders and entrepreneurs to share their inspiring stories to empower others. 

Overcoming generational trauma and managing mental well-being.

The impact of art on the process of healing within the African American community.

It’s therapeutic value and the advantage of introducing children to the artistic origins of their indigenous culture. What region in Africa is the origin of a specific art form? Who exactly are the people, and what are the customs, beliefs, and practices that they uphold that contribute to our identity and make up who we are today? The role of the African American Woman and the preservation of her mental state in all of this.


One trillion dollars are spent behind the scenes in the arts and fashion industries. Learn about AI’s role in this business from the inside out. To what extent does it benefit or hinder the artists? A ModVation Diversity Ventures Conference Talk and Panel Discussion bringing together prominent figures from the tech industry and other fields, such as investors, entrepreneurs, artists, community leaders, personalities, and top influencers specializing in artificial intelligence technology. The panel will conclude in a Startup Competition where artists, entrepreneurs, and new ventures will have the opportunity to showcase their inventive business concepts and groundbreaking projects to potential investors live, in front of the audience.

African Arts Academy’s MODEFA event audience consists of conglomerate people from various professional fields, social strata, and cultural heritages, ready to ask questions and to learn from the experts on the most pressing issues concerning societal challenges. Topic will be about the convergence of arts, and technology, education, and job sectors that is prevalent in both urban and rural settings. ModVation Talk is to facilitate a productive and constructive conversation in order to explore in a peaceful manner, potential answers to the issues that the artificial intelligence industry faces in specific domains: “Is AI advantageous or dehumanizing overall?”

African Arts Academy’s Executive Director and program manager Leye Martin, also affectionally known as “Fely Tchaco“; through the production of MODEFA has gained rave of reviews in local and international press and media, including honors and commendation from top US legislators, including Assembly, California Treasurer Fiona Ma, Late Senator Dianne Feinstein, as well as San Francisco Mayor London Breed and more. 


Live music headline band and Ivory Coast Traditional dance showcase featuring Fely Tchaco and her Band.

This is where the organization hosts a special gala fundraising for our honored VIP guests

This part includes a silent auction, raffles and international food tasting by a selected onsite chef.


For many years our live events have empowered and inspired the performing arts senes in the show business whether be fashion, music, art and theatre or more. Our live events have long been a source of inspiration for our community. We have functioned as an essential hub for the ethnic art and culture heritage promotion and preservation, in San Francisco, providing a safe gathering place. Reflecting on our progress, we strive to broaden our efforts in order to effectively assist our communities and the art sector as a whole, and contribute to the art industry here in California and in the United States.

In the convergence of arts and technologies, we embrace seasonal shifts which does not prevent us from coming up with fresh ideas to inspire others, and we also adapt to new innovations while we develop our own path that goes beyond the current trends in the industry.


The goal of AFRICAN ARTS ACADEMY is not only to nite industry participants and educate, we also connect industry stakeholders, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, in order to generate more opportunities through the exchange of innovative ideas that can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships. We serve as the driving force behind innovation, diversity, and collaboration in the art sector. We are the catalyst for collaboration, diversity and innovation in this industry. We do not only create a space for the art and fashion, community, but we bring change, and promote peace and unity. This is not just about business as usual, it is bringing creativity out of anyone who attends our program events to inspire and empower our community for generations to come.


At the core of what we do is a commitment to diversity, and our vision is to broaden the ways in which we serve our community and industry as true partners to our audience and customers. We also want to preserve cultural diversity through our mission and encourage business transactions that benefit all. We strive to assist our partners and audience in carrying out their visions, achieving success, and realizing their gains.


The essence of our work is to serve our community and industry while preserving cultural diversity in accordance with our mission of fostering connections and encouraging business transactions that benefit all. We also aim to serve our community and industry by becoming even more of a true partner to our audience and customers. We wish to assist our audience and partners in executing their visions, realizing their gains, and achieving success. African Arts Academy is where innovation meets tradition!

We hope to inspire each individual to join us on this fun journey, and together we can achieve a synergistic ecosystem designed for mutual benefit and forward thinking of growth to create a brighter future not only for the art and fashion industry, but for the creative individual for opportunities and endless possibilities.


At African Arts Academy, we believe that our past determine our future. Art as a healer has always been the center of our initiative. Bridging our communities throng art and paace. Overcoming generational trauma and dealing with mental health. How art contributed to healing in the lives of African Americans. The benefit of children being introduced their indigenous artistic roots. What region in Africa is the origin of this particular art form? Who exactly are the people, and what are the customs, beliefs, and practices that they uphold that have contributed to our identity and made us who we are?

For more information, contact Leye Martin, Executive Director and Program Manager. Email: Tel: (650) 834-2038

We hope to see you there!

Are you a fashion designer and would like to showcase your work? 

Are you an investor looking for innovative business ideas?

Are you a talent or model wanting to be featured in the show?

Are you interested sharing your incredible skills by volunteering? 

This is the platform for you. MODEFA SF is  brought to you by African Arts Academy partially funded through the San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grant.

The ways in which African Americans’ experiences with art helped them heal and survive.