African Arts Academy is a 501C3 non-profit international, art organization based in San Francisco, CA USA. We specialize in the teaching of arts and crafts originating in Africa, and the African Diaspora.

Our mission is to preserve African cultural heritage through art education, performing arts, special event productions, based on the spirit of cultural diversity, dynamic growth, sustainability, social justice, and the pursuit of intellectual entrepreneurship. Bridging the traditional way of ancient wisdom, via new technology to serve, and empower our community for generations to come.

The Academy's vision is to establish a professional grade, state of the arts institution that, specializes in the teaching doctrines of all art forms and crafts originating in Africa and the African diaspora. A bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern world via new technology, where innovation meets tradition.

Our goal at African Arts Academy is not only that we want to help change the perception of the way the world views Africa, but we also want to help change the perspective of people of African descent, by producing a different narrative. Highlighting the beauty and values of African Art which has positively contributed in the artistic and economic development, and growth in great nations around the world.

We believe that our past determines our future, and AAA is an innovative way to preserve ancient wisdom through art education via new technology, based on the spirit of cultural diversity, dynamic growth, sustainability, social justice, and the pursuit of intellectual entrepreneurship, to serve, and empower the new generation to compete in the world's growing job market. ​

Throughout history, many stories have been told and written about Africa, however some stories have lead to the misconception and the misunderstanding about the vast continent with so many different cultures, which led to a stereotype against people of African descent. As interior conflicts, economic war and greed left the continent parted, it is only through education that we can bring the puzzles back together, focusing on the art. There was an ancient civilization and lifestyle in Africa, before the Arab and European Invasions. What was Africa like, before colonization? What kind of art form did they make to communicate? What type of food did they eat? These are the questions many people keep asking. Archeologists have proved that something, a link from the past is either missing or has been broken. How to reconnect that link to our modern society? This is where African Arts Academy comes handy. Behind every African Art, lies a story that goes back from generations , for thousands of years. At African Arts Academy, we strongly believe that our past determines our future, reconnect with our ancestors, to learn and understand the origin of things. A devious, and a greedy mind, will lead societies to encourage, racial discrimination and human right abuse, this should no longer stand in the way of ART!