African Arts Academy – The bridge between Ancient Wisdom and the Modern World, where Innovation meets Tradition

African Arts Academy is a 501c-3 non-profit performing arts and arts education organization based in San Francisco, CA


African Arts Academy operates under a profound commitment to the teaching of arts and crafts originating in Africa and the African Diaspora. We preserve and showcase African cultural heritage through art education, performing arts, and special events based on the spirit of cultural diversity, sustainability, and social justice. In bridging traditional forms and ancient wisdom with new technology, African Arts Academy serves to empower and strengthen our community.


At the African Arts Academy our goal is to change the perspective about people of African descent, by teaching the beauty and traditional values of their Art. We serve and empower the young generation by providing the skills, knowledge, confidence and spirit to compete in the world. We believe that our past can empower and inform our future, and AAA is an innovative way to preserve ancient wisdom through art education via new technology, 


Throughout history, stories have been shared via both oral and written tradition about the countries and the tribes of Africa. Misconceptions and stereotypes about the  many different cultures, must be challenged through education and the telling of the real stories, as exemplified through Art.  There were ancient civilizations in Africa, before the Arab and European Invasions. Behind every piece of African Art, lies a story that goes back generations, for thousands of years. As we reconnect with our ancestors, we learn and understand the origin of things such as:

What was Africa like, before colonization? 

What kind of art forms did they use to communicate? 

What type of foods did they farm, hunt and eat? 

What kind of laws and traditions did the various tribes and countries have?

How do we reconnect all these historical and cultural truths to today’s world? 

Throughout history, many stories have been told and written about Africa, however some stories have lead to the misconception and the misunderstanding about the vast continent so rich in culture. Stereotype against people of African descent as well as interior conflicts, economic war and terrorist invasions left the continent on the brank of loosing its identity. It is only through education that we can bring the puzzles back together, focusing on the preservation of African art and cultural heritage.  This is where African Arts Academy comes handy. Behind every African Art, lies a story that goes back from generations , for thousands of years. A devious, and a greedy mind, will lead societies to encourage, racial discrimination and human right abuse, this should no longer stand in the way of ART!

Meet Our Board of Directors

Fely Tchaco (AKA Leye Martin)

President Founder Executive Director

Fely Tchaco is an award-winning musical artist, singer-songwriter, performer, a Billboard Nominee, visual artist, fashion designer, and an entrepreneur. African Arts Academy was founded by Fely Tchaco, a multi talented award winning recording artist, singer songwriter, performer, visual artist and a fashion designer. Based on her own experience, the idea came to Fely Tchaco in 2000 when she realized how hard it was to communicate her artistry when trying to put a band together with the musicians she intended to work with, but had no idea about the kind of music she was referring to… It was very difficult to assemble musicians to create a dinamic, harmonious flow with her unique style of music that is not acustomed to many. No one could understand her language which resulted in many frustrations and loosing some musicians and band members with great potentials. Instead of being angry and judgemental about it, Fely simply felt that her art was not appreciated, because of the lack of understanding. This is where the idea of creating African Art Academy came. It was her long time dream, to establish an educational program that will focus on arts and crafts originating in the African diaspora.

Yves Bouele


Yves Bouele stands as a bridge between cultures. Born and raised in the French part of Cameroon, Africa, Yves belongs to the Duala ethnic group, a vital portion of the Sawabantu or “Coastal People.” After relocating to the United States to pursue his degree in Applied Mathematics, Yves now works as a Software Engineer and sits on the African Leaders Council in Orlando. Yves is determined to share his rich cultural heritage with the Central Florida community at this year’s FusionFest annual festival, embodying the belief that everything happens for a reason and we are all here to serve a purpose. Yves Bouele’s story is one of cultural intersection and personal growth. Born and raised in the French part of Cameroon, he hails from the Duala ethnic group, a Bantu people deeply ingrained in the coastal regions of Central Africa

Yves Bouelet.jpg

Emmanuel Nado

Communication Director

Emmanuel Nado is at the forefront of promoting African music and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is from Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa, a country which for many years has been the crossroad of African popular music. As a journalist, promoter and radio producer, Nado is an active force in the African music scene in the U.S.  In the early ’90s, his published articles on African music and the artists were eye openers to many Bay Area African music aficionados.

Devi Raman

Devi Raman, wears many hats, quite efficiently. On the technical front, Devi, is an Electronics and Communication Engineer, who has worked as a database specialist, in the IT industry. She was also the Executive Vice President of the PTA, has held important board positions, and has been the chairperson for major fundraising events. On the artistic front, Devi is a model, a singer and a dancer. She has performed as a dancer for celebrity events, has been the semi-finalist among 500 contestants, in a singing competition called ‘Galatta Idol’, and has been walking the ramp as a model for the last few years.  As a philanthropist and a humanitarian, she is passionate about promoting minority women artists, and has joined hands with Fely Tchaco, to produce the Modern Ethnic Fashion Show Gala in 2016. 


April produces digital media, theater, television, and short films in collaboration. Nonfiction writing, blogging, storytelling, directing, and editing are among my many abilities. She published a business blog that serves as a comprehensive guide to entrepreneurship.
Attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University while employed full-time as an administrator for a small cap investment firm. April Moseley put in two years of service in her birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio, following graduation from college. Upon being honored with the Congressional Service Award (D-OH Stephanie Tubbs Jones), she proceeded to reach San Francisco. April has held the positions of Vice President of Education and Vice President of Membership for the San Francisco Toastmasters. Prominent and mid-cap firms, including Manpower Group, PG&E, and Abbott Diabetes Care, were among her previous collaborative content clients.
April is inspired and energized by processes, specifically the progression of an idea or design from conception to completion. By actively seeking comprehension prior to providing feedback, she significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required for project management. April’s unquenchable desire to produce novel content fuels a perpetual gale of creative destruction. April desires to concentrate capabilities, optimize resources, and generate results from information. Her objective is to apply first principle reasoning in order to construct logical systems comprised of a collection of succinct ideas. And we are incredibly delighted to have her join us.