Welcome to the African Arts Academy Donation Page


I have always reminded myself the following whenever I have chosen to support a worthy cause:
While it may be impossible to aid every individual in the world, I can alter lives even with the bare minimum that I possess. applies to every day actions that promote generosity, community involvement, and the spread of love!

Join us and Make a Donation to African Arts Academy

Your gift can change the lives of Bay Area children from the African Diaspora, providing them with skills and instruction in dancing and drumming that infuse them with pride, joy, self esteem and a clear connection to their African roots..  Children with passion and commitment stay safe. 

Funds will also go toward our student exchange scholarship program, to award selected students, who will travel to Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire West Africa, to participate in a specialized dance program with our affiliate art institutions. 

The mission is to preserve African cultural heritage, by empower youth, especially from minority communities and of low income families through art education and cultural exchange for generations to come.